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Hey Guys !!

Some of you might be knowing about me from iftiSEO. I run multiple blogs around various niches and also do Affiliate Marketing using different mediums.

Anyways, I am still doing all that stuff. However, with so much buzz around crypto, I also got caught up in it.

I started investing small amounts Bitcoin and other coins. And to be honest, I lost money when I started with it.

The only reason was, I had no knowledge about Bitcoin, CryptoCurrencies or the Blockchain. However, with time, I started learning from various mediums that include YouTube, Reddit, Blogs, and various social communication channels on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Discord.

Today, I am at a stage that I can at least help you with the basics that involve How to Buy Coins, How to Trade them, How to learn them, How to use exchanges and a bit more.

Being a blogger, I am always excited to write about things that I love or follow the most. And that’s one big reason for why I am starting this blog.

First of all, I have kept the name iftiCrypto just to add my personal name to it. Moreover, the blog will be more of a communication between me and my subscribers.

The name was also suggested by many of my friends. 

Here’s the logo that Ahfaz Ahmed designed for this blog.

The logo is quite simple yet has a simple meaning.

  1. The Goldish Color represents Gold, Bitcoin, and Keys.
  2. The rectangles thing inside the circle represents the candles that you can see in any crypto coin graphs. Also, Notice the thin line between the candles.

So that’s pretty much about the logo.

On iftiCrypto.com, you will get the following articles;

  • Basics on How to Buy, Sell, Trade coins
  • Guides on How to use exchanges and other platforms related to Crypto
  • Monthly Updates on some of the top coins in the market.
  • My own Experiences that involves my trades.
  • Experiences of some of the Experts and long-term players in the market.
  • And a lot more…

I will make sure to keep all my articles newbie friendly so that anyone can read and understand. And yes, don’t expect all articles to be of 1000s of words. I will keep it short and simple unless the opposite is required.

However, iftiCrpto comes with a set of precautions. And those are:

  1. Do not Take the Articles as Investment Advices.
  2. This blog is not asking you to put invest in crypto.
  3. This blog is never liable for any losses.
  4. My Experiences are my own. I don’t want you to follow me with every trade that I do.

Since money is involved, I had to mention all this.

Anyways, that’s everything I had to say. I don’t have a fixed schedule of posting here, but I will try to keep it updated every week.

I hope that you take this blog positively and learn from it.

See you in other posts. Cheers!!

About the Author: Iftekhar

A blogger, influencer, internet marketer, and a Crypto Enthusiast. Known for some of the Best Guides on SEO, Marketing and Branding. Also a Speaker at various Blogging and Marketing Conferences.

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  1. Best of Luck Brother.Iam following You in Twitter and Facebook Account of Yours.Hope you write Good Articles about Crypto currency.

  2. Hi, IFTI,

    Your Twitter Tweets about coins are really good, Thanks for sharing your investments in crypto. waiting for your next investments Tweet and best of luck for your new crypto blog, we know that it will be the best information place about crypto.

  3. It feels really good when your old college friends are good at some things and you see them at the top of the list. Ifti you are the one amongst them. 🙂
    Nice blogs dude. I liked it.

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